Make a stunning
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your new brand.

Build credibility, attract your ideal customers and stand out in a way that feels good to you.

I help you explore, design and elevate your brand in a way that is authentic to your business, enticing to the audience you want to attract and distinctive from the competition in your market.


Strategy / Branding / Visual Identity Design / Content / Digital Design / Print Design

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Juho did great work for our company by really pushing the limits to come up with something that really worked for our brand. Juho has an eye for design like very few that I’ve worked with, and I’ve worked at Apple for 10 years! Brilliant work, super responsive and great to work with.

Filip IliescuStarlight Trade

Unleash the power of research, strategy and design.

Get the brand that you’ve always dreamt about, and your customers love.

What characterises your business? What makes you unique? In this phase we will uncover everything about your business, and  how we can use that as a competitive advantage to help you rise above your competitors.


Knowing things isn’t enough to make a difference. You need action! Here we’ll use the things we learned in the research phase and craft a strategy that will act as a solid foundation to fuel your progress towards reaching your goals.


Let’s make your strategy and brand come to life with the help of design. We will design a beautiful brand identity and presence both online and offline that tells your brand story cohesively on every single medium.

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