Juho-Taneli Henell

It all started when I was a little kid.

I’ve had a thing for branding, design and logos for as long as I can remember.

At the age of two, when I still sat in my stroller, I shouted out the name of the car brand each time a car passed. When I was eight, all I did was read in an atlas – memorising flags, countries and their capital cities. I knew that the capital of Burkina Faso was Ouagadougou, and that Nepal was the only country with a non-quadrilateral flag. When I was 14 years of age I sold my first logo for a business selling window coverings in California.

I’ve been busy creating, maintaining and evolving great brands since the age of 14.

I’m now in my twenties, and better than ever. I’m constantly learning and striving for more so that I can bring you the results you deserve. To do that, I believe that getting an understanding of you and your business is alfa and omega. Your industry knowledge combined with my expertise enables us to give your project its own unique process and story. Together, we can build a timeless logo and brand that stays relevant and differentiated in the face of changing markets.

Do you feel like working together?

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