Logo & Identity

Furnes Angus

Creating a logo and brand for a ecological meat producer.

While attending the wedding of some acquintances my family and I stayed the night at a local farm nearby. The owner of the farm had recently started producing and selling high-quality cattle meat from Aberdeen Angus for restaurants and distributers.

After a small talk we came to the agreement that I could be of great help to establish a well needed brand identity that truly shows the quality of their products.

Øystein, the owner of Furnes Angus really wanted something in his logo that shows that everything he does is made locally and with natural resources. Bygstad has a certain mountain profile that has become the hallmark of the town. We concluded that it would be a great idea incorporate the profile of the mountain as well as a cattle in the logo.

After a few rounds of concepts and iterations we truly hit the nail on the head.

“This is just how I imagined it to be, only better”

– Øystein Furnes