Logo & Identity

Cédric Goblet

Creating a dynamic logo and identity for an ICT lawyer.

Cédric Goblet has been a lawyer since October 2005. He started his own law practice in March 2009.

Cédric specialises in information and communications technology law, with a particular emphasis on privacy and data protection. He assists multinational and local companies, as well as public administrations in complying with the legislation in this area. Cédric’s interest focuses also on media law, and particularly on the relationship between freedom of expression, data protection and privacy.

The challenge was to create an innovative, fresh and eye-catching logo. Cédric wanted the logo to convey modernity, transformation, effectivity and forward thinking. Cédric did not on any means want a generic law / legal logo with law scales etc. He wanted something simple, minimalistic, and something that really represented what he was all about.

Together with Cédric we worked on several different proposals. After a couple rounds of iterations he liked two of the proposals a lot, but loved one of them. The choice was easy.

The idea behind the logo is quite simple. It is made up by his initials C and G. The three 90° angles represent dynamism, forward thinking, and efficiency. Cédric was really pleased with his new logo. Together with the logo we also created a some necessary stationery items such as business cards and letterheads.